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Last month, the group that runs the F2000 Championship Series (a pro series for cars running under SCCA Formula Continental rules) announced a new series that will be run alongside F2000 next year: the F1600 Formula F Championship Series.  You can find the press release here.  The series will run five race weekends alongside the F2000 series–primarily in the Northeast–and the cars will use the same rules as SCCA Formula F.

This, of course, is great news for Formula F competitors.  Some drivers who actively compete in SCCA National races in the Northeast will undoubtedly join the series to test their skills against the types of aspiring young drivers that the F2000 series has attracted, and the F1600 series is likely to attract as well.  But even for Formula F racers who don’t compete in the series, I think it will still be a big plus for two reasons.  First, if F2000 is any indication, many F1600 teams will buy new cars, and those cars will make their way into the used Formula F market in a few years.  At the moment, it’s a rare event for a lightly used Piper or Citation Formula F to show up for sale, I think the series will change that–for proof, just look at all of the ex-F2000 Van Diemen chassis that are sold each off-season.

Second, and more importantly, the F1600 series combined with the SCCA’s approval of the Honda Fit engine may lead other chassis builders to enter the Formula F market.  That would be a welcome change from recent years, when it seemed hard for chassis builders to make a good business case for building Formula Fords for the U.S. market.  Carbir may be the first new entrant; I’ll post about that news separately.

With support for the series already announced by Honda Performance Development and Hoosier Tires, it should be off to a strong start next year.  I’ll post more as the first season gets closer.


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