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After way too many months of sitting and collecting dust, the DB-1 is finally settled in to its new home!

As you can see, both the race car and the garage are works in progress.  When I bought the house in late May, the garage was unfinished, and I had to stuff it full of random junk that came with me in the move.  Some of the junk is now gone, and a lot of the parts for the car are in the attic–which gives me some room to move around.   I’ve also gotten most of the insulation up on the walls and about half the ceiling.  Drywall arrives in two weeks.  My goal is to get the drywall up by the end of October so the garage can be heated once the cold weather arrives.

At the same time as I’m finishing the garage, I’m going to have to start working on reassembling the Swift if I want it to be ready by spring.  I ordered a 80″ x 20″ sheet of aluminum for the belly pan (6061-T6, 0.187″ thick), it arrives in a couple of weeks as well.  The first steps will be to cut it to size, mark all of the holes for rivets using a transfer punch, and then drill the holes.  I’ll post pictures and progress reports when the work starts…


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