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As of last weekend, the race car and most of my racing equipment has been moved into its new home–I’ll post some pictures once the garage is set up.  One of the lessons that I learned from my previous garage experience is the unexpected compromises that can appear when you’re trying to save money on a place to store and work on a race car.

The garage where I’ve kept the car for the last two years was more of a converted woodworking shop, but initially it seemed like it would be perfectly fine for a Formula Ford.  The floor was plywood, and age had taken its toll, but I thought that replacing the damaged parts would get it in good enough shape.  Not so…  It turned out that the shop had no ventilation whatsoever, and no vapor barrier between the dirt under the floor and the plywood.  I bought a humidity gauge, and discovered that it rarely dropped below 75% during the warm months, even if it hadn’t rained for over a week.  Anything that I put in the shop that could rust started to do so in a matter of days.

So, lesson learned.  For the last year, I kept most of the parts from the car (including the frame) in my basement, which is a constant 40% humidity thanks to a good dehumidifier.  To keep the shop at the same level, it would have taken 3 or 4 dehumidifiers and the electric bill that goes with them–too much for me.  I’m just glad to put these issues behind me and concentrate on the car again.


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